Advantages of an Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fences Don’t Rust

Aluminium doesn’t rust or oxidize like iron. It is estimated that it could take more than 10,000 years for aluminium to disintegrate. While untreated aluminium can corrode or develop a patina on the surface, most fences are properly treated to avoid these issues. 

Aluminium is Lightweight and Easy to Install

Due to its light density, aluminium fences are easier to install than other metal fences. After planning and measuring your layout, there are only a few relatively simple steps to complete your fence. 

As it is generally more simple to install than other types of fences, you can have it professionally done for a reasonable amount. You won’t have to worry about endless hours of labour costs or specialisations that might be required with other types of fencing. 

Aluminium fencing is also easy to adjust to any slopes on your land, allowing you to keep your yard or garden secure while maintaining a good-looking fence. 

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminum Fences are Sturdy

While aluminium fencing is lightweight compared with other metals due to its density, when manufactured for durability, its strength is similar to wrought iron or steel. You also have the option of using a product that is thicker and more reinforced for added security.

You Paint An Aluminium Fence

While you can paint an aluminium fence to change its colour, it isn’t a necessity. Most aluminium fences are powder coated to keep it corrosion-free and aesthetically pleasing for decades. If you have a certain colour in mind (such as white or bronze), you may be able to get that colour upfront. 

In addition to colour, there are many styles of aluminium fencing so that you can pick the design that works best with the design of your home. 

Aluminium Fences Are Easy to Clean

Since aluminium will not rust or corrode, you can easily clean it with nothing but water and cleaning products. Many people use dish soap and warm water to wash off dirt or small stains, then spray it off with a hose from top to bottom. Don’t use a power-hose as it could potentially damage your fence’s finish. 

Aluminium Fences Keep Things Safe and Secure

Aluminium fencing can help keep your children and pets within your yard or away from a pool. Tall enough, it may deter unwanted individuals from scaling your fence to be closer to your home. While they can’t guarantee absolute safety, they can act as a barrier to keep pets and people in or out. 

Aluminium Fences Are Affordable

Aluminium fencing is far more affordable than wrought iron fencings or steel. While pricing may vary between aluminium fencing or wood fencing, as there is no upkeep with the aluminium, you won’t have to worry about paying for varnishes or paints year after year. 

While aluminium is cheaper than wrought iron and other types of fencing, it isn’t due to it being made from low-quality materials. In actuality, aluminium is affordable due to its abundance, as it is the most commonly occurring metal on earth and can be reused an unlimited amount of times. 

The aesthetic appeal of aluminium fencing might also add value to your home when it comes time for you to sell or refinance. 

Aluminium Fences are Environmentally Friendly

While not all aluminium fences are environmentally friendly, it is easy enough to find one that is made from recycled materials. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable, which means your fence can be reformed into something else when it no longer serves its purpose. 

In Australia, approximately 75% of the aluminium produced is still currently in use. Recycling aluminium only takes 5% of the energy (and emits 5% of the greenhouse gases) as it takes to create new aluminium.