Residential Homes Project at Helensvale

Posted by Peter McConnell on 25 March 2014 | 0 Comments


This project is a good example of how Network Steel works in conjunction with builders and carpenters on a daily basis to successfully integrate structural steel into residential housing projects.



Working from the architect’s and engineer’s design drawings, our office details the structural steel ready for fabrication. Prior to delivery of the steel, the concrete slab is poured and the carpenters position the timber wall framing, allowing positions for our steel posts and beams.



When we deliver the structural steel, we also dispatch our qualified riggers who use specialised cranes to neatly position the steel in it’s correct place. Once the structural steel frames are securely positioned and braced, it is ready for the carpenters to continue to build on. This process usually takes a full day or more to complete.

Sometimes builders ask us to just supply the structural steel for their carpenters to position themselves, but with a focus on site safety it is becoming more common for building companies to take advantage of our installation services as well, guaranteeing qualified and experienced structural steel installers are delivering their project.