Custom made aluminium enclosures are a great way to conceal unsightly services such as: Fire hydrants, waste bin enclosures, gas bottles, air conditioning units, pump room enclosures.

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Besides being aesthetically pleasing, powder-coated aluminium also provides long-lasting durability, whilst allowing natural air flow to pass through to the service units being concealed.

Why Choose Aluminium Panels?

Aluminium panels are a preferred choice by many thanks to their many benefits, including:

  • Aluminium is a lightweight material that is easy to operate. Despite being lightweight, it is also very durable and able to withstand harsh Australian climates, including keeping wind, rain and the sun out.
  • Aluminium is also moisture resistant. Unlike wood panels, it won’t attract and hold moisture and will keep everything inside dry and free from mould.
  • They still allow for natural air flow, creating the ideal safe environment for things like fire extinguishers, gas bottles and air conditioning units.
  • They are fire resistant.
  • Aluminium enclosures are a cost-effective solution to keeping areas secure.
  • Aluminium and its production are considered environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminium panels are also incredibly low maintenance, only needing a wipe down with soapy water every once in a while to rid of dirt and debris.

Made to Order

Aluminium enclosures are made-to-order to fit your needs. We take precise measurements before constructing panels to your unique specifications.

A powder-coated finish is then applied for extra strength before being delivered to your Brisbane or South-East Queensland location, ready for installation.

Materials Used

Network Steel provides aluminium enclosures as opposed to other materials due to their benefits and cost-effectiveness for our clients. The Australian climate can sometimes be very harsh, and there is no better material to keep items safe from it while being lightweight and easy to handle than aluminium.

Our aluminium comes from Australian sources to our Cleveland warehouse before it is constructed into custom-made aluminium enclosures and other products we offer. We’re proud to use Australian materials for a true Australian-made product.

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