Network Steel custom made aluminium Gable End Panels are a great alternative to conventional timber panels that are subject to high maintenance.

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With aluminium Gable End Panels, the same wood-grain look can be achieved with next to no maintenance and is a great selling point to a prospective homeowner.

Gable End Panels from Network Steel are made-to-order to suit your building’s requirements. We’ll take precise measurements before constructing the gable end panels right from our Cleveland location. Once completed, we make sure the wood grain look is applied perfectly, giving the illusion of timber but at a much lower cost. Network Steel then delivers the product to your Brisbane or South East Queensland location, ready for installation.

We use Australian-made materials to make our Gable End Panels and other products. We will construct durable, beautiful Gable End Panels that add the perfect finishing touch to any building.

Why Choose Gable End Panels?

Aluminium-constructed Gable End Panels come with many benefits. Homeowners and construction companies choose aluminium over Timber Gable End because:

  • Aluminium Gable End Panels are a cost-effective alternative to timber
  • They are aesthetically pleasing as you can still have it look like natural wood.
  • Have the potential to raise the home value.
  • Aluminium Gable End Panels need little to no maintenance whereas timber requires a lot of care to keep it intact.
  • Resists moisture, unlike timber that absorbs it and is prone to rot.
  • Aluminium is very durable and able to withstand the sometimes-harsh Australian climate.

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