Netbrace – Don’t let those big ply bracing walls compromise your open plan design intent. Let the light shine and the breezes flow by opening up those walls. Leaving it to NETBRACE® to take care of your lateral wall bracing requirements. Lightweight and easy to install, it is a compact unit that packs a punch of lateral bracing muscle.

Now available ‘off the shelf’ in a standard range of heights and widths. Your structural steel beams, steel posts and network steel are all fully engineered and certified to meet your wind loading requirements. Simply specify on your next building project and let the NETBRACE® do all the work from there.

The Lateral Wall Designed for You

Netbrace is now available nationally, but originated and remains available from our operations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We have daily delivery services throughout the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and surrounding regions.

Embrace open plan living. Open up those walls and replace them with Netbrace, a fully certified compact Aluminium, lateral wall brace frame that eliminates the need for large panels of bracing ply.

Also available in custom-made sizes, designed site specific for your next building project. Get in touch.