Don’t let those big ply bracing walls compromise your open plan design intent… Let the light shine and the breezes blow, open up those walls and leave it to the NETBRACE® take care of your lateral wall bracing requirements.

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Light weight and easy to install, it’s a compact unit that packs a punch of lateral bracing muscle.

Now available ‘off the shelf’ in a standard range of heights and widths; all fully engineered and certified to meet your wind loading requirements.

Simply specify on your next building project and let the NETBRACE® do all the work from there.

General Notes

  1. Available to suit standard 2440, 2590 & 2740 ceiling heights. Custom sizes available on request.
  2. All Loads quoted are Ultimate Limit Stage – Per NETBRACE® Frame.
  3. NETBRACE® serviceability deflection Limits Height/ 250 or 10mm Max. Lateral Deflection
  4. NETBRACE® capable of co-existing loads (refer to load-bearing capacity table in the downloadable pdf)

Installation Notes

  • In order to achieve compliance – Installer must use: 4 x Chemical Anchors – Hilti (HIT-HY 200 – R + HIT-VF (8.8) M16 – 220mm minimum embedment or approved equivalent
  • In order to achieve compliance – Installer must ensure minimum stud anchor edge distances to slab – refer to Fact Sheet
  • Stud frames and top plates to be fixed to the NETBRACE® with self-drilling screws. Series 500 x 75mm at 300 CRS to studs, minimum 4 screws to top plate/ transfer blocks.

Lateral Wall Bracing

Order Code Nominal Wall Height (mm) NBR Width (mm) Lateral Bracing Capacity
NBR24-350 2400 350 6.7 kN
NBR24-450 2400 450 9.5 kN
NBR24-600 2400 600 12.3 kN
NBR255-350 2550 350 6.4 kN
NBR255-450 2550 450 8.6 kN
NBR255-600 2550 600 11.5 kN
NBR27- 350 2700 350 6.2 kN
NBR27-450 2700 450 8.2 kN
NBR27-600 2700 600 11.0 kN


To view our compliance certificate for building design or specification (Form 15) for NETBRACE® please click here.