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The iconic, vibrant green paint on our structural steel is, in fact, a superior protective coating. We apply this special coating in our environmentally certified spray booth, following strict standards. This colour has become an integral part of the Network Steel brand. Hence, satisfied clients distinctively call us the “Home of the Green Beam”.

Location is not a problem. We deliver and offer our services to construction sites all across the Gold Coast and the rest of Australia. Our Green Beams come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from an array of custom made structural main members like PFC’s, UB’s & UC’s to fully welded portal frame assemblies.

If it is Green, it is Network Steel

With our Green Beams on-site, you are assured of a product designed for seamless integration with wall and floor framing materials, 3D modelled and delivered with bolted connections. We are proud of our Green Beams. With 30 years of expertise, we are confident that your business will reap the benefits from our product.

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