Kula Beach Homes

Kula Beach Homes cradled by Mount Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A boutique estate of architecturally designed homes, built by Contrast Constructions PTY LTD.

With four different architectural companies engaged, all trying to outshine each other, we knew from the outset that this project would be full of engineering challenges. With a focus on open-plan living we were guaranteed of plenty of structural steel necessary to support large clear spans, with each and every steel member being individual in design.

Having previously established a great working relationship with the team at Contrast Constructions we set about a steel detailing process and with the advantages of 3D modelling we were able to model the steel framing to each individual residence and provide the team at Contrast the opportunity to make any changes that would assist other trades connecting to our steel framing. By adopting this procedure we were able to eliminate the need for site welding, critical in protecting the integrity of the hot dip galvanised coating being of utmost importance with the Pacific Ocean located only 200M from the site.

With careful planning and attention to detail we were able to produce hundreds of interconnecting steel members that fell into place without a hitch, a team approach to a project of this nature was the key factor for success.