Cross Bracing


Steel Bracing - Cross Bracing & Diagonal Cross Bracing

Steel Bracing - Diagonal Cross Bracing

Network Steel provides fully welded cross bracing with cleated ends ready for bolting in position, or with plain ends for site welding to steel posts.

Steel bracing are commonly known throughout the industry as ‘cross bracing or diagonal cross bracing’. Tensioning can be achieved using proprietary turnbuckles or using a more decorative bracing ring.

Steel bracing requirements are specified by the project structural engineer. Steel cross bracing can be used in a vertical or horizontal application depending upon the engineer’s requirements.

Typical scenarios are to run steel bracing diagonally between subfloor columns to create a stable platform of floor bearers, or used in a horizontal plain to strengthen up the roof framing.

Steel bracing used on residential projects is typically 12mm or 16mm round mild steel with tensioning achieved using an equivalent turnbuckle or a pre-drilled 168x11mm circular hollow section bracing ring.

In order to calculate the lengths of individual braces, we require vertical and horizontal dimensions. From there, Network Steel can calculate the diagonal lengths and make the necessary deductions.

Steel bracing bays can be supplied primed if concealed from view or hot dip galvanised if exposed to the elements. Please refer to our Structural Steel Trade Products and Services Catalogue for pre-priced rates on various types of cross bracing and associated site welding services that we offer throughout Brisbane & Gold Coast regions.


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