Adjustable posts are becoming a favoured alternative to fixed height columns.

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Network Steel offers two different types of height adjustment, one being an internal SHS sleeve that is bolt fixed in situ to the desired height, the other being a threaded rod style that winds in & out to the desired height.

Adjustable posts are commonly used in residential housing portico and outdoor areas where the exact height of the pad footing is challenging to predetermine.

All of our adjustable posts are made-to-order, so you will receive ones that are to your job’s specifications. We’ll take detailed measurements and consider your project’s needs before providing you with the perfect fit.

Want to find out more? We’re here to answer any questions you have about adjustable posts, including if they’re suitable for your project and to provide a quote. Contact us or visit our showrooms in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast where you can have a look at our work and discuss your project needs.


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