Steel brackets come in all shapes and sizes, often custom made for site specific applications. We stock a standard range of the most sought after brackets for use in the construction of residential housing, including but not limited to: angle brackets in various sizes for bearer to bearer connection, servery brackets, apex brackets, dwarf wall brackets, pergola brackets, step tread brackets and a large range of post support stirrups, all of which can be found pre-priced on pages 12, 13 & 14 of our Structural Steel & Frame Hardware – Trade Products & Services Catalogue.

Steel brackets exposed to the weather should receive a hot dip galvanized coating to protect from corrosion. Holes drilled to steel brackets are typically drilled 2mm larger than the bolt size being used. Steel brackets can be made from a large range of steel sections, most common are (FMS) Flat Mild Steel, (EA) Equal Angle or (UA) Unequal Angle.

Why use steel brackets?

Steel brackets are charcteristically the most structurally sound way of bolting together of building materials such as; timber to concrete, timber to timber, timber to steel etc. On occasions where timber posts meet ground level footings it is a building requirement that galvanized steel brackets are used to create a minimum 70mm clearance to minimize the likelihood of timber rot and termite penetration.