Quality Steel Fabrications

Looking for reliable Steel Fabrication on the Gold Coast? Network Steel has 30 years of experience in the fabrication of structural steel throughout this region. Being the preferred supplier in the Gold Coast inspires us to consistently deliver our best as a leading steel fabrication company.

Our Approach to Quality

Our custom steel fabrications are specifically designed for the residential, and light commercial building industry. We use a holistic approach to 3D modelling and fabrication of structural steel beam, column & portal frame assemblies. This process delivers fully bolted Meccano style steel that seamlessly integrates with timber (or steel stud) wall, floor & roof framing. With this system, we gain the confidence and pride of providing quality steel fabrication services to our valued clients.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced project managers, on-site welders and riggers. A collection of high-level steel fabricators servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding Hinterland. We specialize in the fabrication of structural steel to double story dwellings, architectural homes, and subfloor framing to sloping blocks. No job is too big or too small for Network Steel.

Additionally, we are a trade based business giving priority service to registered builders, having established extensive relationships with the Gold Coast’s most respected builders.

Our Signature Steel Fabrication

Our fabrication of structural steel is now well-recognized industry-wide as the “Home of the Green Beam”. For any quality steel fabrication needs, we offer our expertise.

At Your Service

Too busy to come to us? We will come to you. Our team is equipped and ready to tender on all small, medium or major projects of a residential nature. We have the capability to site measure, cad detail, fabricate, prime coat, galvanize, crane truck deliver and install all of your structural steel fabrication needs.

Network Steel understands that a good part of the Gold Coast is subjected to a highly corrosive environment. Hence, we have your certification needs covered. We take pride in our R4 coating that creates a long-lasting protective barrier second to none. For all Steel Fabrication needs on the Gold Coast and surrounding regions, Network Steel has them covered. Contact us.