Built to withstand the western sun, Network Steel’s low maintenance aluminium sunscreens are not limited in design, versatile applications for single or multi-story dwellings creating architectural features.

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Why Choose a Sun Screen?

In areas where the sun beats down mercilessly, a sunscreen can be a very welcomed addition. Having a sunscreen would raise the appeal of any sunny building due to all its benefits:

  • You’re still able to see outside without others having easy access to views inside, making it great for privacy.
  • They will save you on energy costs. Windows hold heat and release it back into the house, but with a sunscreen, homes stay cool. You won’t need to be having the a/c on as much.
  • It also reduces the sun exposure in your home, protecting your furniture and other items from being bleached by the sun.
  • The aluminium used in its construction is durable and able to withstand the sun and other harsh weather elements Australia sometimes throws at it.
  • It is also very low maintenance, sometimes not needing any at all and it will keep its durability.

Made to Order

Network Steel can construct sunscreens to your specification. The designs available are near endless. First, we will hear your ideas for your sunscreen, or we can offer advice as to what design works best. We will then get the correct measurements and other specifications before we get to work at our Cleveland location using Australian aluminium.

Sunscreens come in a range of colours, so we can add this with a powder coated finish before checking for quality and shipping out to your location. Our mobile welding unit can help with installation.

Find Out More

We can add a sunscreen to single or multi-storey dwellings, so contact us today to discuss sunscreens to add curb appeal to those unusually sunny homes.

Contact us today and we’ll help you determine if a sunscreen is the best way forward for your building and work with you to create something efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

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